About Us

Dear customers, best greetings from our family in 2014 year season! You can see abundant quantity photo's of flower varieties, sorts and seedlings in our new online catalogue. We hope they will give many pleasant moments for flower growers and buyers. So please buy corms, bulbs, roots, rhizomes, tubers from rainy Lithuania! (Lithuania = “Country of Rains”). Don’t forget click larger view, and you shall see beauty of our grown flowers. Excuse, but we ran out of time to finish our website for this season. It is not easy to do that in 8 languages! Please don't hesitate ask questions by Email. We can communicate in Lithuanian, Russian and English languages. Compare Your country climate conditions with Lithuania conditions: http://www.climate-zone.com/ Best gladioli growth is achieved between 20 - 35 degrees Centigrade and 68 - 95 degrees Farenheit temperature and abundant moisture when spikes coming out. If Your country located on south side of globe (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America) Your gladioli blooms when is winter on north side of the globe. Snow and freezing ground is in Lithuania at that time and growing gladioli is impossible. Lifted corms are stored in warehouses from November to March. Except big gladioli (gladiolus) collection, we also grow collections of tulips, allium’s, irises, lillies, perennial flowers, decorative sunflower’s, dahlia’s, peonies and etc. who beautifully blooms and pretty looks. These flowers also grow good in Lithuania conditions. Winters are bit cold for some varieties of lilies and not heated greenhouse and covering needful. But, of course, gladioli (gladiolus L.) our first love, remains our main selection and abundant seedlings are growing in our fields!